Elephants on TV!

Earlier this year, we welcomed Tara and Minbu to Project Elephant Base Camp from their former home at Twycross Zoo. What we didn’t tell you at the time, is that the pair’s move was closely followed by a BBC film crew who have documented the entire process.

In a special BBC Documentary, you can see exactly what it takes to move these Asian Elephants from the Midlands to their new home at Project Elephant Base Camp. The documentary features interviews with our team and shows never-before-seen footage of the elephants in their crates, on the move and arriving into their new home.

Presenter Mike Dilger said, “What a joy for me to be involved with Elephants on the Move as we followed the rollercoaster relocation of a herd of Asian elephants from their old home in the Midlands, to a state-of-the-art facility in Blackpool. Watch the tears of sadness, tears of joy and beads of sweat shed along the way as Twycross Zoo bade a fond farewell, while Asia’s biggest beasts were welcomed with open arms to their sunny new retreat up on the Lancashire coast

“Elephants on the Move” will be aired in the North West on July 23rd, but is already available to view on BBC iPlayer, here.


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