KATE - The wise one

Born in India in 1969, Kate arrived at Blackpool Zoo in 1972.

Kate was one of the first animals to arrive at Blackpool Zoo in the 1970's when she was just three years old. Kate is a strong minded elephant, a trait which comes with age and wisdom. She's very fond of her keepers and has a strong bond with them. Kate has been known to take her time with new experiences, often waiting until she is 100% comfortable before embracing a change. Since the introduction of her herd mates, Kate continues to be independent within in the herd, often choosing to keep herself to herself. A trait that comes with age and wisdom!

TARA - The cheeky one

Born in 1998 at Twycross Zoo, Tara arrived at Blackpool Zoo in January 2018.

Tara is a very playful elephant. She loves nothing more than a good mud/dust/dirt bath and will take any chance to get herself wet and dirty! She is enthusiastic and inquisitive, and is often the first to try out something new. Tara is extremely social and is keen to embrace all individuals within the herd, particularly Esha who Tara has been like a big sister to since she was born.

MINBU - The caring one

Born in Burma in 1985, Minbu arrived at Blackpool Zoo in March 2018.

Minbu, originally born and raised in a logging camp*, has always been a dominant character and has grown into the role of matriarch within the current herd. She has strong maternal qualities and can often be seen keeping the rest of the herd in check. She is a very social animal, she has a very strong and protective nature. She can be hesitant in new situations and often is the last elephant to try something new, although she adapts well to a change in routine. As the matriarch she is the most respected and is looked up to by the other females in the herd.

NOORJAHAN - The clever one

Born in India in 1995, NoorJahan arrived at Blackpool Zoo in August 2018.

Noorjahan is the tallest of the females within the herd, standing at 9' 00''! Noorjahan is very respectful of the herd's matriarch, Minbu, even though she towers above her in size. As a mum to Esha, Noorjahan is always on the move and rarely has time to stand still. All elephants are clever, but Noorjahan is exceptionally intelligent.

ESHA - The playful one

Born at Twycross Zoo in 2014, Esha arrived at Blackpool Zoo in August 2018.

Esha is a very active, playful and inquisitive member of the herd. Being the youngest she still gets away with a lot, particularly where food is concerned. She has now matured into a more independent elephant, as she begins to understand her role within the herd. Noorjahan, Minbu and Tara are very protective of her and all three value her as the most important member of the herd.

EMMETT - The mighty one

Born in the USA in 1991, Emmett arrived at Blackpool Zoo from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in October 2019.

As the only male in the herd, Emmett is a mature and experienced individual, having previously sired offspring within a multigenerational herd. He is confident, headstrong and physically superior, whilst bringing stability to the herd; all typical traits of an experienced bull elephant. It is hoped that Emmett's experience will see the next generation of Asian elephants at Blackpool Zoo, contributing to the future of the species.


* You might notice Minbu has a star marking on her right buttock and a series of numbers on her left. This is from her early years spent in a Burmese logging camp where such markings would have been used for identification.