Our herd are cared for by a dedicated team of specialist elephant keepers. Led by Elephants Section Manager, Adam Kenyon, the team is made up of 8 elephant keepers, and 1 student keeper, with the added support of their colleagues in the wider Animal Department. Between them they have an invaluable combination of experience in different areas of elephant care.

Training in all areas of animal and specific elephant care is vital and continually ongoing.

Photo above shows the team responsible for Tara's move from Twycross to Blackpool Zoo - featuring keepers from both Twycross and Blackpool Zoo.



The team work alongside a number of external consultants, vets and advisory groups.

The team are in constant contact with Alan Roocroft, a world-renowned elephant consultant. Having dedicated more than 50 years of his life to working with animals, Alan Roocroft now runs his own consultancy company, assisting zoological institutions and government agencies responsible for the care of captive elephants with a wide range of elephant management techniques and husbandry practices. He is today known as one of the world’s best elephant trainers. With a profound passion for elephants and also for the safety and well-being for the animal keepers themselves, he is recognized world-wide for implementing Protected Contact Training.

The veterinary team from Oakhill Veterinary Centre, led by Andrew Moore, are a key part of the team caring for our elephants. Not only are they on hand to offer their services should any of our elephants ever encounter health problems, but they are involved with the day-to-day care of our herd - assisting with health checks, advising the keepers and monitoring the progress of the elephants.

We also work closely with our colleagues in zoos around the country, primarily through the BIAZA Elephant Welfare Group, keeping each other up to date on best practices.