Your journey starts here...

Project Elephant comes alive in the zoo as visitors experience the immersible atmosphere of Base Camp. Be sure to bring your sense of adventure as your journey of discovery takes you on an expedition through Asia.


Our newest eatery, which is located at the entrance to the Dinosaur Safari and Base Camp, has been named Nawala Street Food after a street in Sri Lanka where one of the our nominated charities, the Biodiversity Elephant Conservation Trust (BECT), is based.

It serves a smorgasbord of oriental and Indian culinary delights. Sizzling stir-fried noodles and rice, scrumptious sweet and sour dishes, creamy curries, spicy samosas and lots vegetarian options will be available throughout the summer season. The area has been themed to transport you to a bustling street deep in the heart of Asia - with Nepalese inspired flags, a vibrant atmosphere and our Great Wall of (Chinese) Art. 

The trail to Base Camp

From Nawala you'll find yourself winding your way from the suburban streets of Sri Lanka and into the wild jungles that are home to Asian elephants. Let your imagination run wild with mesmerizing music, abstract art and the heady aroma of tropical plants.


Our indoor viewing platform has been designed to give you the best view possible of our herd. From this high level vantage point, you'll be afforded views sweeping across the entire indoor facility giving you an idea of just how large the space really is. In front of you is what we call the "Communal Area" - this is where our elephants spend the majority of their indoor time.

The walls are themed with an immersive jungle habitat and adorned with three-dimensional, interactive exhibits to teach you all about these magnificent animals. A large display screen will show videos of elephants in the wild as well as giving you a peek at what our keepers get up to behind the scenes. 


Exiting our Dinosaur Safari and traveling millions of years forwards in time, you'll find yourself standing at eye level with our magnificent herd. Looking over the wonderfully named ha-ha moat, you'll have unobstructed views across the landscaped grass paddock to the house beyond. 

It is from here that you will begin to truly appreciate the size of our newest development as the elephants appear almost in miniature against the vast expanse of paddock and the colossal structure beyond. 

Join us for daily talks

Join us every day for our informative and fascinating talk - where you'll learn all about the plight of Asian elephants in the wild as well as gaining first hand insight into what life is like for the residents of Base Camp. Check the signage in the zoo on the day of your visit for timings.