Swimming trunks at the ready…

Did you know that elephants are excellent swimmers? You may find it surprising, but an elephant’s body is actually very buoyant and allows them to float easily. They can swim completely submerged, with their head above […]

Doors open on Project Elephant Base Camp

We have finally opened the doors on Project Elephant Base Camp – the result of our largest ever investment. The multi-million pound facility, combines the UK’s largest indoor elephant house with a huge outdoor habitat and an […]

And then there were three!!

Initially, we had hoped Minbu would arrive along with Tara back in February. However, Minbu’s progress with her crate training wasn’t quite as far along as we would have hoped, and as we want to […]

VIP Members’ Preview Event

We’re getting ready to unveil the incredible results of our largest ever investment, and we’d like to invite all 2018 Members to an exclusive VIP Preview Event on Friday March 23rd from 12pm to 7pm. […]