Kate’s been playing Kerplunk!

When it comes to exciting new enrichment methods, our keepers are never short of ideas.

Where most people might have seen a big empty pipe, a pile of sticks and a bag of carrots – Keepers Emma and Lauren saw a game of Kerplunk, elephant style!

Using one of the feeding winches in our new elephant house, their creation was swiftly suspended in the air ready for Kate to get stuck in.

When constructing enrichment it is important to look at the outcomes, especially when it comes to elephants! Kate, like all elephants, is a very intelligent and physically strong animal, so while Kerplunk might look like a bit of fun, but it was designed to make her think, use her natural foraging behaviors and to help build up the muscles and tendons in her neck and trunk. What might look like a family favourite game is actually much more complex than it first appears!


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